Monthly District Meeting

Due to the current pandemic we will be conducting our Monthly District (GSR) meeting online via Zoom

Saturday April 11th 2020

6pm to 7:15pm

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Northern California Crystal Meth Anonymous


Saturday, April 11th, 2020, 6:00 - 7:15pm Virtual / Zoom

(meeting access details at the end of the agenda)

● Opening Prayer (All)

● 12 Traditions Reading (TBD)

● Vice-Chair’s Remarks (Rob)

● Roll Call Secretary (Zak F.)

● Approval of March Minutes (Zak F.)

● Treasurer’s Report (Chris C.)

● District Committee Member’s Report (Andrew K.)

● Committee Reports

○ Structure & Finance (Paul)

○ Public Information (Tim G)

○ Hospitals & Institutions (Michael W.)

○ Social Events (Jason S.)

■ Spring Retreat (Jason W.)

■ Unity Day (Daniel F.)

● Old Business

○ Sponsor/Sponsee Dinner

○ Virtual Intergroup Meeting Platform

● New Business

○ Online meeting support

○ Online meeting safety

○ Online contributions

● Announcements from GSR’s

● Seventh Tradition / Milestones

● Closing

Minutes unapproved

Northern California Crystal Meth Anonymous

Intergroup Meeting Minutes (unapproved)

Saturday, March 14th, 2020

Opening Prayer and Readings (6:00 p.m.)

Serenity Prayer - Rob I, Kevin S - 12 Traditions

Vice-Chair’s Remarks, (Jared B) (Absent) (Rob I) :

● Welcome everyone. I am filling in for Jared and he will be back next month.

● I have been able to reach out to but I have not been able to make it to meetings outside

of the ones I don’t

Secretary’s Remarks, (Zak


● Welcome.

● Roll Call:

○ Salad Spinner (Present)

○ Voices of Recovery (Present)

○ Bill’s Coffee (Absent)

○ Today I Can (Absent)

○ Crystal Clear (Absent)

○ Downtown Ceres CMA UNspun (Absent)

○ We Don’t Meth Around (Absent)

○ The View from Here (Absent)

○ Monday Mixer (Absent)

○ Experience, Strength & Hope (Absent)

○ Relapse Prevention SJ (Present)

○ Dopeless Hope Fiends (Absent)

○ Living Sober with HIV/Hep C (Absent)

○ West Side Steps (Absent)

○ There Is a Solution (Present)

○ East Side Story (Present)

○ Pink Cloud at Noon (Absent)

○ Just for Hump Day (Present)

○ Central Valley CMA (Absent)

○ Sex In2MeUC (Absent)

○ Thursday Step Study (Absent)

○ Thursday Night CMA (Absent)

○ Living Healthy in Recovery (Present)

○ Addicts in the Attic (Absent)

○ Turn It (Don’t Burn It) (Absent)

○ Easy Does It (Absent)

○ Friday Morning PNP (Absent)

○ Friday 8 O'clock (Absent)

○ Sober Kink Together (Absent)

○ Relapse Prevention, SF (Absent)

○ Saturday Night Live (Absent)

○ Step It Up (Absent)

○ Beginners Group (Present)

○ Unbound (Present)

○ Thursday CDRP It Works How and Why (Present)

○ We Can See Clearly (Absent)

○ Unspun And Done (Absent)

● We have quorum.

● Welcome to our guests: Karen.

● Zak F: Unless you are a GSR, or an alternative GSR you are unable to vote.

● Motion to approve minutes by Andrew K. Seconded by John.

● Motion approved unanimously.

Board/Committee Updates:

Treasurer’s Report (Chris C):

Treasurer Report:

● Balance Forward: $13,130.08

● Income: $2,566.41

● Expenses $2,215.97

● Balance: $13,480.52

● Prudent Reserve: $ 3,000.00

● Available Balance: $10,480.52

● H&I $605.57

● Bank Balance $14,086.09


● Motion to approve the report by Michael G. Seconded by Renee.

○ Motion passes unanimously.

DCM (Andrew K):

● Last month we had our first GSR training which 6 people attended. The training took

approximately 2 hours and had a lot of new GSR’s attend. Jeffrey J presented on the

traditions, and tips for success as a GSR.

● I have brought materials which cover the training for any GSR who is interested.

○ I also have digital copies.

● We hope to have another training pending Coronavirus.

● We are having another Area meeting on April 4th. Due to the Coronavirus we will be

holding this virtually.


● Rob I: I know Area last year had gone through the issues of the loss of 501(c)(3) status.

Has there been any update on that?

○ Andrew K: We are in the process of reincorporating a new nonprofit and I should

have a more substantive update on April 4th. We are currently deciding on a

new name for the organization.

● Binh L: Is the next GSR meeting still tentatively planned for the South Bay?

○ Andrew K: Ideally yes.

Structure and Finance (Paul W) (Absent) (Chris C):

● We should keep an eye on revenue coming from Groups, as many meetings are dark

and our revenue could drop as a result.

Item # 2020 Feb Budget Snapshot Budgeted Actual %

1 Revenue

2 Income (Groups and Events) $5,500 $1,513 27.51%

3 Social Events Income $0 $0 0.00%

4 Literature $150 $0

5 Chips $1,600 $273 17.03%

6 CMA Retreat $13,500 $3,053 22.61%

7 Sponsor Sponsee Dinner $900 $0

8 Other $0 $0

9 Unity Day $2,000 $0

10 Total Revenue $23,650 $4,838 20.46%

11 Expenses

12 Annual Meeting $350 $0

13 Bank Fees $25 $0

14 Copying/Printing $1,200 $0

15 Literature $300 $0

16 Chips $1,500 $254 16.93%

17 Room Rental $900 $102 11.28%

19 Legal/Professional $50 $0

20 Mailbox Rental $206 $206 100.00%

21 Postage $50 $0

22 Website $165 $0

23 Travel $750 $0

24 Hotline/Voicemail $191 $32 16.75%

25 2019 CMA Retreat $14,200 $1,648 11.60%

26 Service H & I Events $600 $0

27 Founder’s Day $300 $0

28 Disbursement World $250 $250 100.00%

29 Disbursement Ca CMA $250 $250 100.00%

30 Social Events Expenses $1,000 $103 10.30%

31 Area Meeting Snacks $100 $0

32 State Filing Fee (S100) $25 $0


2020 Sponsor Sponsee

Dinner $900 $0

34 Other $0

35 Training $200 $98

36 Unity Day $3,400 $0

37 Total Expenses $26,912 $2,941 10.93%

PI&O (Tim G) (Absent):

● No report.

H&I (Michael W):

● We need one person to bring a meeting on the first Tuesday of the month to the San

Francisco General from 6:45pm-7:45pm.

● The vast majority of our H&I meetings across the Bay Area have been shut down due to

public health concerns.


● Renee: We have opened a new position for a Deputy South Bay coordinator for H&I,

and are still hoping to have our luncheon. We are hoping this will be a more sustainable

model to improve the continuity of our H&I services as we continue to expand in the

South Bay. The luncheon will be the 28th from 11-1:30.

Social Chair (Jason S):

● Several events have been canceled in San Jose due to ongoing public health concerns.

○ We do have a movie night fundraiser for the retreat happening on April 4th in the

South Bay.

○ We are also creating a weekly event to watch RuPaul’s drag race every Sunday

at 4pm, followed by a meeting at 6:30pm.

● We are also in the planning stages for a game night in San Jose next Friday night after

the 7pm meeting in San Jose.

● On April 12th we will be doing a game night at Ashish’s house on the evening of Easter

Sunday. It will be game night and potluck BBQ.

● All of these events are listed on the website, and I hope to have them up

on Facebook tonight.

Retreat (Jason W):

● We have 31 registrations, and our minimum was 25 so we are looking good.

● The facility is following all of the CDC guidelines, and are not inclined to cancel at this


● We should maintain a position of flexibility on whether or not we cancel the retreat based

on changing circumstances.

● There will be a fundraiser tonight at Most Holy Redeemer and will watch the Rocky

Horror Picture Show. There is a suggested donation of $25.

● The Crystal Ball fundraiser has been canceled, and I could expect that we will have

difficulty fundraising.

● We have several service positions open: Fundraising Coordinator, Program Co-Chair,

and Volunteer Coordinator.


● Rob I: Will the fundraisers be focused on newcomer scholarships?

○ Jason W: We are raising $400 specifically for newcomer scholarships but these

fundraisers will cover general operating expenses for the retreat.

Unity Day (Daniel F)

● We had our planning meeting today and are currently looking at 3 different venues, and

are working to identify a theme.

● We also have an open service position of Volunteer Coordinator.

Old Biz: None

New Biz:

COVID 19 (Rob I):

● Many meetings are going dark due to the ongoing issues with COVID 19. Does anyone

have an update on meetings that have temporarily canceled?

○ John: Thursday 7:15 is dark.

○ Zak F: The Friday 8pm meeting is also temporarily on hold, and possibly the

sober kink meeting.

○ Rob I: The Tuesday evening meeting is also on hold

○ Andrew K: We should start including information on what meetings have been

temporarily closed on our website.

○ Zak F: We should consider additional forums such as the Intergroup email group,

and Facebook as well.

○ Jason S: I believe PI&O is updating this as they receive information. People

should email the PI&O Chair with any additional information.

○ Zak F: I will craft an email to the Intergroup GSRs with information on meetings

that have gone dark, and requesting that they update the board if their meeting

will be doing so, and to include any information regarding remote access to

meetings if they are being moved to that format.

● Rob I: On an individual basis, meetings should consider implementing the CDC best

practice. At a meeting I am involved with in San Jose we have ceased holding hands,

are not serving coffee, and are also ensuring that any snacks come individually wrapped.

○ Jimmy S: I brought this up at a meeting in San Francisco, and a member

suggested that we touch feet instead of hands.

○ Chris C: AA San Jose put out guidelines for best health practices, and I think that

we should consider crafting our own.

○ Andrew K: Best practices are being crafted by the General Service Conference,

and I will share that when it is approved. We should email the information and

post it to our website.

● Kevin S: The sponsor/sponsee dinner has been postponed. The church is being flexible

about finding a new time, and Dean K is working with the Diocese about not losing our

$100 insurance deposit. Anyone who is interested in getting their ticket refunded should

speak to me or Dean.

● Zak F: We should have a conversation about next month’s meeting and the possibility of

whether or not to hold it remotely.

○ Michael G: Has the Tech Working Group identified a remote solution?

○ Zak F: We have not. Our previous barriers were logistical issues with voting,

having a conferencing device available, and ensuring information about how to

access the conference line is accessible. It should be easier to coordinate an

entirely remote meeting because we will not need a device to enable the process.

○ Andrew K: The 8pm Friday night meeting in San Francisco has gone remote, and

we utilized Google Hangouts. This might not be a great solution because it could

require that users have a gmail account.

○ Andrew K: We should meet as a Board before the April meeting to determine

whether or not we need to go remote, and ensure that any conferencing kinks are

worked out ahead of time.

○ Jimmy S: Could we create a Facebook page for the Intergroup and use

Facebook messenger?

○ Andrew K: We could consider this, and it is up to the group what platform we

would like to use.

○ John: Not everyone uses Facebook as well, so this could also have accessibility


○ Chris C: Motion for the Board to touch base in two weeks time to discuss moving

the Intergroup meeting to a remote format.

■ Andrew K: Would this be a replacement meeting or in addition to our

regularly scheduled meeting.

■ Chris C: This could be either, and we can determine that when we meet.

○ Motion is seconded by Michael G.

○ Motion passes unanimously.

GSR Announcements

● Jason W: Disbursement and chip information can be found at

● Michael W: We are no longer looking for people to go into the jails as we have shut

those meetings down.

7th Tradition: 6:57 P.M.


● Rob I: 10 Years.

● Binh L: 2 Years.


● Motion to close by Andrew K. Seconded by ???. Motion passes unanimously

● Serenity Prayer is led by Karen H.

Meeting adjourned at 7:02 PM.

● PI&O ○ Please direct anyone who needs to change meeting information to the service


● H&I ○ The clean time requirement for H&I at the jails is 1 year. We need people to go

into San Bruno. Please announce at your meetings.

○ The clean time requirement for H&I at the San Francisco General Hospital is one

year. We need people for this commitment. Please announce at your meetings.